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PHP Frameworks Guide & Top 10 Best PHP Framework 2019


PHP has been one of the most popular programming/scripting language. It is the single most language in which most numbers of websites and web applications have been developed. With the advent of PHP version 7.x and a large number of frameworks, it has further evolved. Why do we need a PHP Framework? When we develop web applications, there are a large number of factors which should be taken into consideration. Factors like security, speed, agility, templates, etc. are most common in various web applications. Also in many cases, repetition of similar tasks or common tasks is required. In all these cases PHP frameworks have an edge. They come with predefined functions and libraries. As a result, the effort required by the developer is reduced and he/she needs to concentrate only on developing functions specifically required for their system. Which are the most prevalent PHP frameworks available? based on different surveys and popularity, following is the list of the most prevalent